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About Us

The focus at My Neuro Rehab is on the individual. We understand that neurological injuries can be sudden and the effects can have a significant impact on an individual as well as their spouse, partner and family. The hidden impact of increased fatigue, lack of confidence, social isolation and feeling lost or unsupported are all very common aspects of dealing with the injury or condition. Physiotherapists who specialise in Neurological Rehabilitation have a particular level of experience and training which allows them to help support all of this as well as liaise with other health professionals to manage your overall condition optimally. This could also include, Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists, Neuro Psychologists, Dieticians or Rehabilitation Consultants/Neurologists. A neuro rehabilitation assessment looks to evaluate particular symptoms and implement a bespoke treatment regime to bring about a positive change and improve a person’s overall quality of life.

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Areas We Cover

We cover areas throughout South Manchester.

We can see clients where it is most convenient to them. This is often at home or in Rehab Centre. However, some clients may prefer to be seen in a consulting room and this can be arranged at a convenient location to the client.